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A "refund" is money disbursed to you through your College or University for Financial Aid awards, grants, or other money you are owed. Your college or university may have another name for these funds (for example, a disbursement). Regardless of what it may be called, we work hard to deliver your refunds as quickly and easily as possible. This does not include payroll deposits.

You have choices

When it come to refunds, you have at least two choices for how you want to receive your money.

  • same business day deposit to a OneAccount
  • deposit to another account of your choice

Here's how it works:

First, your college or university identifies which students are eligible for a refund and the amount. Next, a file is sent to us with an identifier for the student and the amount of the disbursement. Your college or university then wires Higher One the total amount for the disbursement and we distribute your refund based on the preference you select.

  • College/University
  • Refund & wire transfer
  • Higher One processes refund
  • Refund disbursed based on selected preference
Get Started
Tips and tools:
  • Want to learn more about your refund options and getting started, or to view some great videos?
  • Orientation videos

    Watch a series of short videos to learn more.
  • The thing I like most about the OneAccount is that all the fees and service charges are clearly stated. Most bank accounts tuck little fees into the fine print. And although the fees may be relatively small, over time they can add up and become significant. The One Account tells you upfront what different services will cost you, and I think that straight forwardness is very valuable and increases trust.''
  • Portland State University student
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  • I think Higher One is an excellent way to let college-age students learn to manage their money, without the many confusing and unfair tactics that banks use. ''
  • Houston Community College student
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  • I am very satisfied with my OneAccount. It has made it very easy for me to have access to my school refund very quickly. This money has helped me a lot, and has pulled me out of some cracks. Thank you for making it easier. ''
  • American Intercontinental University student
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